The Portuguese Judo Federation celebrated its 58th Anniversary this Saturday, October 28th, with a Gala held at the D. Luís Hotel in Coimbra. In this same day we celebrated the World Judo Day wit h the theme “Courage”.

The event counted with major International Judo entities such as the President of the Kodokan Judo Institute Haruki Uemura (representing the President of the International Judo Federation Marius Vizer), the President of the European Judo Union, Sergey Soloveychik and the Honorary President of British Judo Association, George Kerr, who has the IJF 10th Dan.

The President of Portugal Olympic Committee, José Manuel Constantino, the President of Portuguese Institute of Sports and Youth, Augusto Baganha and the Secretary State for Youth and Sport, João Paulo Rebelo, also celebrated the Portuguese Judo Federation Anniversary in Coimbra .

The Portuguese Judo Federation took the opportunity to honor severa l personalities, both International and National.

From the President of the Portuguese Judo Federation, Jorge Fernandes, the President of the European Union of Judo, Sergey Soloveychik, received the Medal of Honor, one of the most honorable awards from the PJF. After a few words President Sergey Soloveychik presented President Jorge Fernandes with two EJU gifts.

Ms. Catarina Rodrigues, Sports Director of the European Union of Judo, received also the PJF Medal of Honor, for her work for Portuguese Judo in Portugal and abroad. The medal was delivered by the President of the European Judo Union, Mr. Sergey Soloveychik.

There were given many awards and honors made, with emphasis on the Young Athlete of the Year award given to Patrícia Sampaio - Bronze m edalist in the Junior World Championship - for the Women's Athlete of the Year award given by the President of the European Judo Union, Sergey Soloveychik to Telma Monteiro - Bronze medalist in Olympic Games Rio 2016 . For men category , the Men's Athlete of the Year awards were given to Jorge Fonseca - Bronze med al at the Grand Slam Paris 2017 and Young Athletes to Anri Egutidze 2nd Junior European Judo Championship 2016.

Other prizes and grades belts were awarded, with reference to the 6th Dan given to Telma Monteiro.

The Gala was a great event for the sport, where we managed to honor several sportsmen who dedicated their life to Judo.

In addition to the Gala, the IV National Judo Congress was held on October 28 th and October 29th, an event that had not been organized since 2004. Several important and current topics were addressed by the speakers, having Judo has the center topic. Different perspectives of our sport were presented, as media, Olympic qualification, financial support, grades, ethic, refereeing and education point of views.

Among the speakers were several international and national Judo personalities, such as Michel Brousse, former Vice President of the French Judo Federation, and Nuno Carvalho, a member of the European Union Judo Referee Commission.