Both, Cadets and Juniors have been competing back to back in recent weeks, and they are not done yet. The past weekend Bielsko Biala (Poland) was the home of Cadets, whilst La Coruna (Spain) run their annual Junior European Judo Cup. 

In Bielsko Biala, with top entries, over 500 judoka competed across 30 nations, including a forceful team from Japan. Russia narrowly defeated Japan on the overall medal table. They both claimed 5 victories each, however, Russia had more finalist on board than Japan, which allowed them to maximise their tally. Following Japan, Hungary finished on third place with two winning strikes and a couple of more medals.

Meanwhile in La Coruna, over 300 competitors were on stage from 24 different countries. The Russian Team once again clashed through the majority and won the total of 8 gold medals. In addition, 5 silver and 10 bronze medals were also part of their baggage. Germany delivered three golden victories whilst France settled with two to conclude the top of the medal table.

Both events are followed by a 3-day training camp. This weekend, the Cadets will be heading to Coimbra (Portugal), whilst the Juniors take a weekend off before continue touring to Leibnitz (Austria). The icing on the cake this weekend will be the beginning of qualification for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games in China with the Hohhot Grand Prix.