The Danish Judo Federation, has elected a new board at the Ordinary Congress on the 9 June 2018. Now former President of the Danish Judo Federation, Martin Kirkhammer, has chosen to retire after 14 years. Newly elected President, Mr. Soren Studsgaard shared his vision;

Soren StudsgaardSoren Studsgaard

"We want to continue and strengthen our plan for the elite judo in Denmark. On the short term we want one or two fighters to qualify for the Olympics 2020. Moreover, we want to continue and strengthen our work to attract kids, youngsters and adults to the judo sport. We will do that by cooperation with schools and by education in the clubs for both trainers and leaders."Vice PresidentVice President

New board of Danish Judo Federation

President: Soren Studsgaard

Executive Committee:

Vice President: Sune AAGAARD PETERSEN

Education/Sport Director - Flemming Otvald Jensen

Sport Director - Alexander BAKKE 

Treasurer - Soren Sejer SORENSEN

General Secretary - Susanne HASSELGREN