EJU Medical Seminar 8 - 10 December 2017 Antwerp, Belgium

After so many wonderful and interesting EJU Medical Seminars in Malta, it was time for a new beginning. The medical commission decided to travel to Antwerp, Belgium and found in Elzenveld a suitable location, a 16th century monastery, completely renovated in a state of the art congress centre and hotel. A historic location in the middle of the historic centre of Antwerp.

Around 27 medical representatives from 22 countries from 4 continents joined the meetings. With this impressive numbers, not only EJU but also IJF demonstrated the importance of this seminar. Very interesting scientific presentations and lively discussions throughout the whole weekend made this seminar a success.

Many topics were tackled:

-       WADA – doping statistics – adverse results – modified list 2018 – practical issues

-       Judo for Health: prevention program

-       Safety management of veterans

-       Taïso in the French Judo Federation

-       Thyroid disease in top athletes

-       Clostebol

-       HIV in judo

-       Syndesmosis injuries in the ankle joint

-       ACL injuries

-       Co-operation medics and referees

-       Issues about transgenders in judo

-       Judo as part of modern diabetes treatment 

Many things to think about, much to learn, to digest, and at the same time much more work on our plate. More friendships were formed with the intention to make more scientific improvements through an intensive cooperation to the greater benefit of the judo-family.