The EJU Kata Commission is seeking for experienced persons to join the team and strengthen its workforce because of the departure of some of its members. We would like to find experienced collaborators who can help us to improve the technical and organizational Kata aspects.

Help to improve Kata in EuropeHelp to improve Kata in Europe

EJU Kata Commissioner is in responsible to manage Kata Competitions (athletes), follow-up Judges during seminars examinations and define judge’s selections for Championships. Usually one or two commissioners are as support for EJU Kata Tournament. They have to check compliance with EJU Outline image and help organizers to setup the competition and choose the right judges for preliminaries and finals, if applicable.

Commissions has to think about best solutions to improve Kata Competition, Judges Training, examinations and increase participant’s number in competition. To be eligible for this role, individuals also need to have knowledge of the IJF rules for the 5 Competition Kata. It is also important that EJU Kata Commissioners promote Kata as educational system as well, to improve the organization level of Kata events.

Main tasks for EJU Kata Commissioners


  • During meeting
  • Competition reports for tournaments
  • Championships feedback
  • Training Camp

Examinations questions for

  • Writing examinations (rules and judge’s attitudes)
  • Practical examinations (on the mat)

Seminar and training Camp preparation and organization

  • Schedule
  • Outlines
  • Presentations
  • Support to organizer
  • Check with EJU Head Office (JUDOBASE)
  • Manage Kodokan experts in case of partnership EJU Kodokan

Judges Classifications

  • Data Base follow-up (Record Data from competitions)
  • Produce judge classification reports

As an EJU Kata Commissioner, you also need to have Basic knowledge of the following:

  • Kata Experiences (knowledge)
  • English
  • Reporting tools (Word Excel Power Point) and use Internet tools (mail browser skype).

If you have time to dedicate and you are ready to work for the development of the Kata we invite you to apply and fill in the online form under the link: https://goo.gl/forms/Cv2MbZkbJGM57VBu1

We will be looking forward to your answer before April 15, 2017.