Cadet European Cup 2017 Gyor

The second day of the EJU Cup Győr 2017 ended up with a great success, also for Hungarians. We must be satisfied with our judokas.

Here are some quotes from one of the best ones:

 “I have been doing judo for 6 years and this is the first gold medal from EJU Cup. I am so happy being with myself but more happy to share this joy with my club mate. One year ago I got injured and could not register to EYOF, so it compensates all of my failure” – said Kármán Andrea(-57kg).

 “After getting bronze medal at EYOF 2017, it is very gratifying for me to be a golden holder. My coach, Bertalan Hajtós - Olympic silver medalist - is inspiring me all the time, and hope to motivate my little brother to be also a gold medalist judoka” – said Nerpel Gergely(-73kg).

 “This is the first time to get a gold medal from EJU Cup 2017. My sister is also judoka, so we often practicing judo together. I am so proud of my achievement today and hope to motivate her to be better. After 8 years of competing, I have waited for this medal, and finally managed to reach my goal” – said Bajcsev Tamás(-81kg).