European Judo Cup 2018 Malaga

Although the host nation, Spain, had the highest number of entries at the annual Malaga European Judo Cup, France still managed to top the medal table with 5 gold, 3 silver and 11 bronze medals. Spain followed with a 2 gold, 5 silver and 4 bronze medals.

 One of Spain’s top -57kg judoka, Jaione EQUISOAIN finished third place after losing out against young upcoming Malin WILSON of Great Britain. The -63kg category had a satisfying line up with Agadir Grand Prix bronze medallist, Inbal SHEMESH of Israel being the top seed. Spain also put forwards their bests including multiply IJF medallist, Isabel PUCHE and multiply European Open medallist, Cristina CABANA PEREZ. Although the potency would be expected from the three mentioned, it was actually 21-year-old Patricia ROBLES LOZANO who strived for gold, winning her first ever gold at such level.

France dominated three of the men weight divisions. In the -60kg category, an all French final was on offer with Richard VERGNES and Romaric Wend-Yam BOUDA. Althougt the latter was leading by waza-ari, Vergnes overcome his team mate within the third minute of this final contest. Samuel N ZINGO (FRA) overcome Alberto VARELA FERRER (ESP) to win gold in the -73kg category. The +100kg was once again delivering an all French final with Nabil ZALAGH vs Messie KATANGA. Multiply IJF World Tour medallist, Nabil set back Junior World medallist, Katanga for silver, winning the fifth and final gold for France. The additional two gold medals for The Blues was earned by Mallaurie MERCADIER (-48kg) and Gaetane DEBERDT (-57kg). This tournament was the last senior European Cup for 2018. Congratulations to all medal winners.