In Dalmine, a village near Bergamo, the EJU Project "Improve Your Club" attracted 286 coaches to the mat on the 12th and 13th of January. The European Judo Union provided an array of different techniques for the professionals to work on, in order to develop their knowledge and share their experience.

As the program began, speeches were articulated by the experts including Giuseppe MADDALONI who was delivering on this project for the first time. The other professionals by MADDALONI's side included; Jean-Pierre GILBERT, Batardz KAIMATZOV, Ivan NIFONTOV and Patrick ROUX.

Each member of the team educated the participants on different aspects of technique, GILBERT focussed on ne waza and the variations of san gaku whereas NIFONTOV discussed the concept of combination tecniques.

Stefano FRASSINELLI took care of athlete preparation with particular reference to the evaluation of an athlete's capacity to learn. Though he educated the participants in great depth, he summarised,

"The fundamental idea is that every single teacher is creating and producing, they are the ones who should effectively reach the students, the athletes, who absorb the teaching, personality, commitment and knowlegde of their coach."