The Norwegian Judo Federation conducted their election on April 28 at the Quality Airport Hotel Gardermoen. Jørgen Hillestad was elected as the President and will be leading the Norwegian Judo Federation for the next 2 years.

The event was opened by, now former President, Geir Reehorst. Sondre Sande Goldord from the Sports Council also welcomed everyone for the occasion, which saw a greater number participation than in 2016. This year, 72 voters participated, as well as 23 observes including guests. The higher number of voters for the Norwegian Judo Federation (77) were counted in 1983. However, in respect of the total number of attendances for the election event, this year delivered a record number of almost 100 people.

Board composition for the period 2018-2020:

  • President: Mr. Joergen HILLESTAD
  • Vice President: Mr. Svein Erik RUD
  • Board Member: Ms. Annette MOELLER
  • Board Member: Mr. Lars SANDNES
  • Board Member: Ms. Svenja RAHN
  • Board Member: Ms. Evelyn OTLO
  • Board Member: Mr. Eirik MYRNES