Vigmantas Sinkevicius will lead the Lithuanian Judo Federation for the next four years. He was re-elected on 22nd of February at the regular general meeting. Mr. Sinkevicius has been in the office since 2002.

Vigmantas Sinkevicius said:

"I am glad to have an opportunity to continue on the work we have started many years ago while cultivating and popularizing judo sports in our country and all over the world. I hope that we will have more than one athlete who will achieve a great results in Europe and all over the world. Moreover, we would be  honored to host once again a European Championships in Lithuania in the future. At the main time goal number one is successfully organised the 70th anniversary  European Judo Union Congress in Kaunas, in December 2018."

President: Vigmantas SINKEVICIUS

Vice Presidents: Rimas R. CEPELIONIS, Eduard TECHOV, 

Sport Directors: Danguole NOVIKOVIENE, Igoris OLCHOVIC, Valerijus NOVIKOVAS, Rasa STEPONAITYTE

General SecretaryJustina STALIONE