European Judo Open Minsk 2017

The second and final day of the European Judo Open Minsk 2017 ended in perfect theme. Both, Yahor VARAPAYEU (-90kg) and Uladzislau TSIARPITSKI (+100kg) of Belorussia attained gold today whom of the latter did not only closed the show by winning the +100kg category, but routed the Belarusian team to finish on the top of the medal table. 

 This particularly successful weekend certainly indicates a positive note for the organising committee ahead of the 2019 European Games, which will be held in Belorussia. Nonetheless, before heading too far away, the primary focus for the majority remains the 2017 World Judo Championships.

მადლობა ყველა ჩემს გულშემატკივარს. Thanks to all of my fans for their support.

Ein Beitrag geteilt von Varlam Liparteliani (@varlamliparteliani) am

Podium +100 kg
1.		TSIARPITSKI, Uladzislau	(BLR)	
2.		KOKAURI, Ushangi	(AZE)	
3.		DIBRIN, Nikita	(RUS)	
3.		GORDIIENKO, Oleksandr	(UKR)	
</center> <center>
Podium -81 kg
1.		KALININ, Denis	(RUS)	
2.		TATALASHVILI, Nugzari	(GEO)	
3.		MARTINHO, Joao	(POR)	
3.		ZOLOEV, Vladimir	(KGZ)

Podium -90 kg
1.		VARAPAYEU, Yahor	(BLR)	
2.		KOCHMAN, Li	(ISR)	
3.		KLAMMERT, David	(CZE)	
3.		USTOPIRIYON, Komronshokh	(TJK)	
</center> <center>
Podium -100 kg
2.		KORREL, Michael	(NED)	
3.		FLETCHER, Benjamin	(GBR)	
3.		SAVYTSKIY, Anton	(UKR)	
</center> <center>
Podium +78 kg
1.		CERIC, Larisa	(BIH)	
2.		SLUTSKAYA, Maryna	(BLR)	
3.		KALANINA, Yelyzaveta	(UKR)	
3.		KINDZERSKA, Iryna	(AZE)	
</center> <center>
Podium -70 kg
1.		DIEDRICH, Szaundra	(GER)	
2.		BERNHOLM, Anna	(SWE)	
3.		JAGER, Hilde	(NED)	
3.		MOSSONG, Lynn	(LUX)		
</center> <center>
Podium -78 kg
1.		VERKERK, Marhinde	(NED)	
2.		PACUT, Beata	(POL)	
3.		MAYERSOHN, Yarden	(ISR)	
</center> <d3>Winner of the +100kg category, Uladzislau TSIARPITSKI (BLR):<d/3> <d2>“The final was hard today against Kokauri [AZE] because he is more experienced player and he is very strong. I wanted to do well for the team and that’s why it was great to fight at home I felt huge support from the supporters. I set myself to win a medal today, any medal, didn’t really think of gold. We will now do the OTC camp and after that we have little rest and we go to the World Championships.“<d/2> <d3>Winner of the -81kg category, Denis KALININ (RUS):<d/3> <d2>“It is my first medal at European Judo Open level. I had team event medal in Warsaw but never won individual gold medal. I won silver before but this is my first gold. It was just a good moment in the final, I didn’t expect to finish the fight so fast. I don’t go to the World Championships, but I am still young so step by step I aim to be in the top team in Russia.“<d/2> <d3>Winner of the -90kg category, Yahor VARAPAYEU (BLR):<d/3> <d2>“This is my first gold medal at senior level. I am very happy to win today. I didn’t have my family here as I am not from this city but I had friends to support me here today. The home support was nice and I was able to focus on my coach during my fights.“<d/2> <d3>Winner of the -100kg category, Varlam LIPARTELIANI (GEO):<d/3> <d2>“It is difficult to say that I arrived to the -100kg category because it is difficult and I know I need more power and more competitions. It is my fourth tournament in the new weight division and I can surely say I am still not at my maximum. I fought more than 10 years in the -90kg category and only few months the division above so I am still developing. Today was good, I take it like a training practice. Now, I go back home and start power training to finalise the preparation for the World Championships.“<d/2> <d3>Winner of the +78kg category, Larisa CERIC (BIH):</d3><d2> “About today, I am happy with today because I won against Kalalina in the semi-final and I lost against her last time. Also, won against Maryna, she is European Champion and she is very good this year so I am happy that I managed to win against her too in the final.  We have a difficult situation in Bosnia because we don’t have enough money so I had to come without a coach. For this trip, my club paid and most of the time my club helps me to go for tournaments, but I was always in contact with my coach so it was almost like he was here.”</d2> <d3>Winner of the -70kg category, Szaundra DIEDRICH (GER):<d/3> <d2>“I am very happy because of all the trouble with the journey we had on the way here. I am really tired. We had over 18-hour journey to get here. Despite the tiredness, I feel I have some work to do until the World Championships, for example to work on my conditioning level.“<d/2> <d3>Winner of the -78kg category, Marhinde VERKERK (NED):<d/3> <d2>“I am really happy where I am standing right now. I had good fights managed to work in both, tachi-waza and ne-waza. It went easier than I thought. I had a long break after the Olympics and I am just getting back to it since January. I did not make any decisions as yet in regards to the long future, we will see how it goes at the World Championships.“<d/2>
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