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Japan overpowers everyone at first IJF Masters

2010/01/16 | 11:39 am in EJU The Japanese women were super powerful winning all four gold medals at the first day of the IJF masters in Suwon, Korea. In the women’s category U48kg, Japan took all four medals. Haruna Asami...
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First IJF Masters this weekend in Suwon

2010/01/14 | 11:53 am in EJU The best judoka of the world have an appointment this weekend as the first ever IJF Masters will take place in Suwon/KOR. Only the 16th best qualified athletes in each of the 14 weight divisions...
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Georgian Irakli Tsirekidze retires at the age of 27

2010/01/12 | 01:43 pm in EJU Georgian judoka Irakli Tsirekidze will retire at the Grand Slam of Paris next month at the age 27 years. The World Champion of 2007 and 2008 Olympic Champion U90kg will take part in Tbilisi at...
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IJF allows two athletes per weight/nation in all World Championships

2010/01/11 | 10:11 am in IJF The International Judo Federation Technical Committee meeting held in Tokyo in the last days of December 2009 decided that starting in 2010, two athletes per weight category are allowed to...
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Olympic Heroes join 70 Years Anniversary of Dutch Federation

2010/01/09 | 04:57 pm in EJU Anton Geesink, Willem Ruska and Mark Huizinga this afternoon received the first copies of the anniversary of 70 YEARS Dutch Judo Federation. This happened during the New Year reception of the Dutch...
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Book of 50 Years Portuguese Judo Federation released

2010/01/07 | 09:40 am in EJU As part of the commemorations of the 50th Anniversary of the Portuguese Judo Federation, a book entitled “50 years of the Portuguese Judo Federation” was recently published by this federation...
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The Royal Prince Albert wants a EJU World Cup in Monaco

2010/01/05 | 07:54 pm in EJU At the international judo tournament of Monaco Mr. Franco Capelletti was guest of Albert II, the Sovereign Prince of Monaco, current head of the House of Grimaldi and the current ruler of the...
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New referee rules available online

2010/01/05 | 11:09 am in EJU For the new referee rules there’s a new website giving many examples of allowed actions. The website is based on the latest IJF referee DVD, but also available online for all interested people of...
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Backnumbers not yet ordered by every federation

2010/01/04 | 01:21 pm in EJU A letter from the Vice President Daniel Lascau Dear EJU and IJF Member Federations, I use this opportunity to congratulate all EJU Member Federations and also IJF Member Federations, who...
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Nifontov (RUS) and Ribout (FRA) European best judoka

2009/12/31 | 02:02 am in EJU Ivan Nifontov (RUS) and Morgane Ribout (FRA) have won the honour to become EJU Best Judoka of the year. Both judoka were chosen by the EJU Sports Commission because of their fantastic year based...
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