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Red Star Champigny takes European Club title for women

2012/10/20 | 04:08 pm in EJU The European Club Championships for women’s team was claimed by the team of Red Star Champigny. In the final the French team was too strong for the Russian team of Yawara Newa. Red Star won...
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Draw of the EJU European League and Club Championships in Istanbul

2012/10/19 | 07:51 pm in EJU On Saturday the adidas European Club Championships and EJU European League will take place. On Friday evening the draw of the two the European Judo League took place in the presence of EJU...
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Dr. Hans Paul Kutschera re-elected in Austria

2012/10/15 | 10:52 am in EJU In Austria Dr. Hans Paul Kutschera was re-elected, by an unanimous decision. After the 2010 European Championships Kutschera gave the Austrian Federation, OEJV a stable financial ground again...
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Kerrith Brown Chairman of the British Judo Association

2012/10/15 | 10:34 am in EJU Kerrith Brown has been elected as the new Chairman of the British Judo Association by the British Judo membership and will assume the role from the Annual General Meeting on Saturday 10 November....
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Ioannis Kafentarakis new president of ESO

2012/10/15 | 10:22 am in EJU Ioannis Kafentarakis is the new president of the Greek Judo Federation (EOT), as revealed by the current board The Voliotis factor had previously been secretary general of ESO and a member of the...
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Europe takes 9 titles and 24 medals at Grand Prix Abu Dhabi

2012/10/13 | 05:02 pm in EJU The last contest of the match would decide the medal tally of the Grand Prix of Abu Dhabi. The event was led by Russia until the last match when David Moura had to challenge Masaru Momose of Japan....
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New elections held in Belarus

2012/10/12 | 04:27 pm in EJU On Thursday the extraordinary conference of the Belorussian Judo Federation took place in Minsk. Twenty of the 21 delegates elected in regional and Minsk city branch of the BJF took a part. The...
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8th Dan attributed to Vladimir Putin

2012/10/10 | 02:27 pm in EJU, IJF Following the festivities of the 60th anniversary of the International Judo Federation, celebrated last year in Paris on the occasion of the World Championships, the IJF had the honor of awarding...
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Seven winning nations at first World Cup in Istanbul

2012/10/06 | 09:51 pm in EJU Although Germany and Turkey dominated the medal tally, the gold medals were distributed among seven different nations. The first World Cup in Istanbul was a success and Turkey celebrated the birth...
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Unique British triple performance in Minsk

2012/10/06 | 09:04 pm in EJU The British male judoka have done a great job. Just four guys coming to Minsk taking three gold medals and a bronze. A unique happening as in the history of British judo, never ever a British male...
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