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France takes the team double

2011/08/28 | 10:20 pm in EJU, IJF France, the hosts, ended the World Judo Championships in triumph on Sunday, when they won both the men’s and women’s team titles before a packed crowd at the Stade de Bercy in Paris. They...
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Europe back in business after 6th and magical gold medal

2011/08/27 | 09:39 pm in EJU, IJF Teddy Riner won a record fifth title at the 29th World Judo Championships in Paris on Saturday when he threw the German Andreas Toelzer in the heavyweight final to ecstatic applause from a packed...
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Three European gold medals for Decosse, Tcheumeo and Iliadis

2011/08/26 | 11:10 pm in EJU France grabbed two more women’s gold medals while the Greek Olympic titleholder Ilias Iliadis produced a magnificent display of powerfully efficient judo to win the men’s under 90 kgs class on...
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France crowd explodes with title for Gevrise Emane

2011/08/26 | 12:55 am in EJU, IJF Yoshie Ueno was dethroned as the queen of international judo on Thursday on the third day of the World Championships after a day of surprises at the Stade de Bercy in Paris. Ueno, twice winner of...
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Clean sweep for Japan on second day WChs

2011/08/24 | 09:02 pm in EJU, IJF The Japanese have strengthened their grip on the 29th World Judo Championships in Paris on Wednesday, winning the three weight classes contested today and have now taken five of the six gold medals...
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Sobirov and Japan dominate first day of World Championships

2011/08/24 | 12:32 am in EJU, IJF Japan dominated the opening day of the 29th World Judo Championships in Paris, winning two gold and two silver medals.But many of their fighters did not find it easy compared to the 2010 event,...
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Preview 28th World Championships in Paris

2011/08/22 | 10:02 am in EJU, IJF Japan will face unprecedented opposition when the 28th World Championships begin at the Stade de Bercy in Paris on tuesday, a competition that also commemorates the 60th anniversary of the founding...
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IJF Celebrates its 60th Anniversary at spectacular gala

2011/08/22 | 09:32 am in EJU, IJF On Sunday the International Judo Federation organised a magnificent gala at the Opéra Garnier, in the city center of Paris, in the occasion of the celebration of its 60th birthday. During the...
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EJU President presents European developments at IJF congress

2011/08/20 | 01:11 pm in EJU At the IJF Ordinary Congress held on Saturday in Paris EJU President Sergey Solovyechik presented the developments of the European Judo Union in front of the world’s presidents and IJF board....
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EJU takes over 'white judogi first' change

2011/08/19 | 12:36 pm in EJU, IJF The EJU have decided to take over the IJF decision where the first called judoka for the fight will wear the white judogi. This used to be the blue judogi. The second called judoka will now wear...
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