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Ukrainian juniors take most of the medals at European Cup in Kiev

2011/05/23 | 12:56 pm in EJU The Ukraine was the strongest country at its own event; the European Cup for Juniors. It was a good practice for the World Cadet Champinoships which will be held in August this year. The...
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Russia overclasses the rest with 100% pure gold

2011/05/22 | 02:50 pm in EJU Russia was dominant at the second day of European Cup for seniors in Orenburg. Today the heavy categories were on the tatami with in each final a Russian fighter. The women’s category U78...
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Ukrainian cadets take five gold medals in Bielsko Biała

2011/05/22 | 02:30 pm in EJU At the second day of EJU Cadets European Cup in Bielsko Biała the best judoka represented Russia, Ukraine, France and Germany. At the second day the heavier judoka could be found on the tatami....
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Russia takes 6 gold medals in Orenburg

2011/05/21 | 08:00 pm in EJU At the first day of European Cup in Orenburg (RUS) the lightweight categories started off the tournament. In the U60kg category the spectators could watch a great performance of Ashley McKenzie,...
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Cadet women U52kg highly competitive this season

2011/05/21 | 08:00 pm in EJU The European Cup for Cadets took place in Bielsko Biała in a beautiful new-built sports hall. The competition was attractive for fans of judo from Poland and other European countries. At the...
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Report EJU referee and Coach seminar Dubrovnik

2011/05/20 | 01:12 pm in EJU, Referee On Friday the EJU referee/coach seminar in Dubrovnik in Croatia started. 90 Participants from 46 countries coaches and referees will discuss theoretical and practical aspects of judo. The seminar...
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Russia hosts OTC Going for Gold and European Cup in Orenburg

2011/05/20 | 10:23 am in EJU This weekend, a week before the IJF Grand Slam, Russia hosts two other important judo event, the EJU Olympic Training Camp “Going for Gold!” and the European Senior Cup. In the unique...
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Kiev ready for European Junior Cup

2011/05/19 | 09:25 am in EJU This weekend Kiev, the capital of the Ukraine is hosting once again the European Junior Cup at Top Level. In the competition over 300 athletes from 18 countries will participate: Armenia,...
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Emphatic France finish top of the medal table

2011/05/15 | 08:36 pm in EJU France claimed gold in four of the seven categories on day two of the British Open, a senior European Cup event, to convincingly finish top of the medal table at K2 Crawley. The...
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Japanese and French juniors rule at European Cup in Lyon

2011/05/15 | 07:47 pm in EJU The Japanese Juniors have won the European Cup in Lyon. The Japanese won seven divisions and were specifically dominant in the U52kg category where it was a full Japanese final won by Takumi...
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