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Chelyabinsk Judo Exhibition opens in South Urals capital

2012/03/03 | 07:20 pm in EJU Chelyabinsk hockey fans see the changes that take place in the Ice Arena «Tractor»: mobile exhibition devoted to the 40years history of judo in the Soviet Union and Russia has opened in...
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EJU Kodokan Kata Course to be held in Lignano

2012/03/03 | 06:20 pm in EJU, Kata, Education The Kodokan in Tokyo is the birthplace of judo, and since 1882, when Jigoro Kano founded it, is also recognized as his temple. For over half a century the popularity of judo has become global. The...
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French top women capture gold at World Cup Warsaw

2012/02/26 | 09:07 pm in EJU The top women of the French team have felt their opponents as a test for their current form. The shape is good, and after winning the World Cup in Warsaw the moral balance is good as well. Both...
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Quality tournament with great winners at World Cup Prague

2012/02/26 | 07:04 pm in EJU The second day of the Prague Judo World Cup was held in a frenetic atmosphere. The hall was full and the crowd celebrated the return of the Czech judo king Lukas Krpalek. Despite of an injury which...
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Record participation of the men's World Cup in Prague

2012/02/26 | 09:10 am in EJU At the first day of the World Cup in Prague 397 athletes from 74 countries are participating. The sports hall was completely full and the crowd enjoyed beautiful judo shown during the day. The...
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Spain joins ticketrace for London at Warsaw World Cup

2012/02/25 | 07:26 pm in EJU It’s been a long time that Spain led the medal tally of a World Cup. But in the heat of the battles for London tickets the Spaniards show their best skills resulting in gold and bronze at the...
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Chelyabinsk completes volunteers recruitment for the Euro2012

2012/02/25 | 12:40 pm in EJU The first organizational meeting of volunteers who will work at European judo championship was held in the South-Ural State University (SUSU). The guys were shown a presentation film and a working...
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The record of participants number in Arena Ursynów Venue

2012/02/24 | 05:05 pm in EJU The highest in history number of competitors will attend the Judo Women World Cup. 280 judokas from 50 countries including 24-persons host team are going to compete in this event. The last...
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Prague expects the strongest judokas

2012/02/22 | 06:44 pm in EJU More than 400 athletes from 71 countries have inscribed for the World Cup Prague fo men which is going to be held in the Czech Republic this weekend. It will be the biggest judo tournament ever...
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3,000 spectators celebrated Bischof and Toelzer victories

2012/02/19 | 09:35 pm in EJU Dusseldorf, 19 February 2012. A 3,000 capacity crowd and very successful German judoka created a fantastic atmosphere on the second and final day of the Judo Grand Prix at Mitsubishi Electric...
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