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Draw Men and women at Green Hill World Cup in Rome

2012/09/28 | 09:09 pm in EJU Sports Director Antonio di Maggio of the Italian Judo federation welcomed the coaches for their participation at the Green Hill World Cup in Rome. In total 312 participants from 37 nations will...
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Green Hill World Cup in Ostia: 312 athletes from 37 nations

2012/09/27 | 03:14 pm in EJU There will a third post-Olympic appointment in Roma concerning the Greenhill World Cup. After those in Mongolia, (Ulaanbaatar, September 8-9, 2012 with 127 athletes from 13 nations) and Uzbekistan...
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OTC Rome good preparation on World Cup in Rome

2012/09/27 | 09:20 am in EJU, OTC - Going for Gold This week the Olympic Training centre “Going for Gold” takes place in Rome at the famous Olympic training centre in Ostia near the coast and the Sports venue for the World Cup in Rome this...
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Tampere good form indication for European U23 Championships

2012/09/23 | 10:22 pm in EJU At the second day of the European Cup in Tampere the organising nation Finland couldn’t add another medal. On Sunday six different nations won a gold medal. Russia was the only nation to win two...
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Levani Matiashvili golden boy of Georgia

2012/09/23 | 04:25 pm in EJU, Juniors Georgia, Russia and the Ukraine dominated the heavyweight category in the men’s division at the European Junior Championships. In Porec it was Levani Matiashvili of Georgia to win the title. In...
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Babintseva peaks at right time, Croatia takes third silver

2012/09/23 | 04:24 pm in EJU, Juniors Again the popular Croatian song sounded through the hall when Ivalo Sutalo was the last Croatian to try to get the precious gold for her nation. The European Junior Championships was silver so far...
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Oleg Ishimov debutes with gold at European Juniors

2012/09/23 | 04:23 pm in EJU, Juniors The final of the European Junior Championships in Porec U100kg was between Toma Nikiforov of Belgium and Oleg Ishimov of Russia. Ishimov took over an attack of Nikiforov after 29 seconds in the...
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Maike Ziech strikes with golden ippon against Matic

2012/09/23 | 04:22 pm in EJU, Juniors In the women category U78kg Croatia could win its first ever Junior European title. The same situation as Saturday when sister Barbara Matic was in the final U70kg. On Sunday it was the younger...
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Khusen Khalmurzaev prolongs European title U90kg

2012/09/23 | 04:21 pm in EJU, Juniors The final of the European Championships for Juniors in the category U90kg was between Russia and The Netherlands. Dutch Michael Korrel was able to reach the final. His opponent Khusen Khalmurzaev...
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World Kata Championship, Japan over the top

2012/09/23 | 04:20 pm in EJU Pordenone. The fourth edition of the World Kata Championship saw an all time high of the Japanese team. Shoji Imao and Kazunori Shimizu conquered the gold medal in the Kime no kata as well as...
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