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Impressive win by Huysuz at World Cup in Tallinn

2011/06/11 | 03:40 pm in EJU Fantastic performances today in the sports hall in Tallinn by Turkey and Israel both winning two medals and both win gold. At the World Cup in Estonia both countries outperformed but the most...
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Preview World Cup Lisbon and Tallinn

2011/06/09 | 05:45 pm in EJU This weekend you can enjoy two World Cups again in our website. Lisbon (POR) and Tallinn (EST) will host the World Cups. The Portuguese crowd hope to see the talents of their country like Telma...
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German juniors take four gold medals in Leibnitz

2011/06/05 | 10:36 pm in EJU Not only the German women in Madrid did good business this weekend, the German juniors U20 years picked up their medals in Leibnitz in Austria at the European Cup. The German youngsters were able...
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Georgia takes most gold medals at World Cup Bucharest

2011/06/05 | 04:35 pm in EJU Avtandil Tchrikishvili and Zviadi Gogotchuri have added two new gold medals at the men’s World Cup in Bucharest. The Georgian team now had a total of three gold medals and Zviadi Khanjaliashvili...
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German women add more medals and take victory in Madrid

2011/06/05 | 03:54 pm in EJU Germany has won three gold medals this weekend at the World Cup for women in Madrid. Today Heide Wollert added a third gold medal in her final U78kg against Maryna Pryshchepa (UKR). Wollert was...
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Germany most effective nation in Madrid taking two gold medals

2011/06/04 | 05:25 pm in EJU Spain has won four medals today at the World Cup in Madrid. The Spaniards started well with the final U48kg where Oiana Blanco took the gold medal against Wu Shugen (CHN). Taciana Lima (BRA) and...
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Dan Fasie surprises with home gold in Bucharest

2011/06/04 | 05:24 pm in EJU The Romanian home crowd celebrated a victory of Dan Fasie. The Romanian judoka U66kg was Romania’s hope for a long time when he won the European U23 Championship title in 2006, but didn’t...
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Seminar for teachers in Pordenone

2011/06/04 | 04:31 pm in EJU, Education This weekend the seminar for teacher is organized in Pordenone, Italy. Participation, Attention and Involvement; in these three words there any way of working days that have brought on the mat in...
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Follow the World Cup Madrid and Bucharest

2011/06/02 | 10:45 pm in EJU For the fourth time in history the World Cup of Bucharest takes place for men. The event started in 2005 with winners from seven different countries. The 21 winners have so far all been different....
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Nuno Delgado promotes building Champions for life

2011/06/02 | 10:01 am in EJU The World Largest Judo Class makes history in Lisbon The Mandela Day 2011/The World Largest Judo Class took place this week at Terreiro do Paço in Lisbon, and it was a huge success. The...
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