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European U20 Championships started in Bulgaria

2010/09/17 | 10:09 am in EJU

Today the European U20 Championships have started in Samokov in Bulgaria. With 345 judoka of 45 countries, the Championship is well seeded. The men’s U66kg (31) and U81kg (30) have the most...
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EJU Education Seminar in Paris

2010/09/14 | 03:29 pm in EJU

The next EJU Education Seminar will take place from 15 until 17 October 2010 in Paris. The seminar will gather the responsible of education of countries. It will be an important moment to share...
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Open Class dominated by Japan

2010/09/13 | 08:17 pm in EJU, IJF

Who would have thought that Teddy Riner would lose the Open title to a 20 year old youngster from Japan? At least not Riner himself who was completely broken after Daiki Kamikawa was awarded 2...
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Japan collects more world titles at day 4

2010/09/12 | 01:37 pm in EJU, IJF

Again a superb day for Japan with three new world champions and six medals in total and two all Japan finals, adding to a total of Eight World Champions and 18 medals in total. But it’s also a...
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Japan rules at third day of the Worlds

2010/09/11 | 01:23 pm in EJU, IJF

What a great day for Japan winning all three world titles today. Although Japan was favourite for all categories, it is still amazing to see the dominance of this team today in Tokyo. Yoshie Ueno...
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Two European World titles at day 2

2010/09/10 | 12:51 pm in EJU, IJF

Two European World Champions today at the second day of the World's in Tokyo. Lucie Decosse (FRA) and Ilias Iliadis won the world title and Kim Jae-Bum took the first title today in the U81kg...
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Strength of participants of World Championships increased

2010/09/09 | 05:19 pm in EJU, IJF

Many people wonder if the Judo World Championships have indeed increased in strength now two judoka can participate in each category and the IJF set a new record in participating athletes. Below...
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Japan takes two world title at day 1

2010/09/09 | 01:55 pm in EJU, IJF

Japan won two out of four medals at the first day of the Judo World Championships. They may have expected more with a huge number of favourites. But Mika Sugimoto took the first ever title in the...
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Spectacular semi finals at first judo day

2010/09/09 | 09:21 am in EJU, IJF

Sensation all over at the first day of the Judo Worlds in Tokyo. In the men’s U100kg the favourites have indeed made it to the semi finals. However the competition is so tough that spectacular...
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Preview World Championships female categories

2010/09/07 | 03:48 pm in EJU, IJF

Since 2005 the trend is up for the Japanese women. In 2005 they had only one World Champion, by Midori Shintani, not even by Tani. In 2007, Tsukada and Tani won two titles, and last year in...
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