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Hungarian men and German women show off in Prague

2011/07/31 | 07:29 pm in EJU Germany became the winner of the European Cup for Juniors in Prague. The German women’s team made the difference on the second day winning two gold medals in the two women’s heaviest...
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Review day 1 European Cup Prague

2011/07/30 | 10:05 pm in EJU At the European Cup for juniors in Prague 383 competitors of 27 countries came together. The tournament was opened by EJU sports director Michal Vachun and Jiri Dolejs, President of the Czech Judo...
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Promising junior teams about to score in Prague

2011/07/29 | 09:24 am in EJU This weekend the Junior European Cup will take place in Prague. 440 Athletes from 28 countries have sent their entries. The tournament will be therefore of a similar scale as last year. The...
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Condolences to Norway

2011/07/26 | 12:46 pm in EJU This week European Union President Sergey Soloveychik sent out his condolences to the Norwegian Judo Federation to support the people in Norway after the tragedy in and near Oslo. Below you can...
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Big names win European Cup in Hamburg

2011/07/24 | 08:23 pm in EJU At the European Cup in Hamburg Germany and Great Britain showed of with both four gold medals. The host won a total of 19 medals, a good preparation for the World Championships. Robert Gess,...
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Poland wins European Cup for Junior in Cetniewo

2011/07/24 | 08:19 pm in EJU Poland has become the big winner of the European Cup for Juniors in Cetniewo this weekend. The Polish fighters won a total of fourteen medals and four victories. At the second day the heavier...
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Cetniewo hosts top junior athletes

2011/07/23 | 08:41 pm in EJU For the 19th time in history the beautiful situated Cetniewo, by the Baltic Sea's coast, was hosting judoka from the whole continent. During the first day of European Cup athletes of the light...
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Europe’s elite coming to Hamburg

2011/07/21 | 01:09 pm in EJU This week the European elite will be in Hamburg to measure strength at the European Cup. It’s the last chance to get an idea of their shape in advance of the World Championships in Paris in...
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OTC - Going for Gold in Minsk in full force

2011/07/21 | 09:42 am in EJU EJU Head of Sports Directors Densign White has revealed the list of athletes that will be supported for the next Olympic Training Camp in Rome and London. The OTC’s are meant to give the...
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Register in time for the Cadet World Championships in Kiev

2011/07/20 | 09:31 am in EJU, IJF Not all federations have inscribed for the Cadet World Championships yet. The second edition of this event will be held from 11 until 14 August in Kiev, UKR. All federations have to register their...
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