EJU takes over 'white judogi first' change

The EJU have decided to take over the IJF decision where the first called judoka for the fight will wear the white judogi. This used to be the blue judogi. The second called judoka will now wear blue, furthermore everything will remain the same. At the EJU congress the members approved this proposal to follow the IJF in this decision and introduce the switch with immediate effect at all EJU events. EJU Vice President Daniel Lascau, responsible for sports matters mentioned: ‘Nothing has been changed in fact, the first called judoka is now in white. In all events we are going to do it like this. We have adjusted all scoreboard and it’s clear for judoka that we follow the IJF.’ Most of the leaders in the world ranking have been fighting in blue all the time, now they will be fighting in white judogi which is also more the tradition of judo. The IJF recently successfully tested the switch at the Cadet World Championships in Kiev and will continue at the World Senior Championships.