The Ukranian Senior National Championships was taking place alongside of the certification of national referees, which assessed the work of independent opinion of EJU Colleagues. This tournament was not only an examination for the national referees but an Olympic Trials for the national coaches to select the medal hopes for Tokyo 2020. 

Prior to the weekend, in order to improve the level of referees, the Ukrainian Judo Federation invited EJU Head Referee Commissioner, Mr. Franky de Moor andEJU Referee Commissioner, Mr. Marian Hefka to lead a seminar for the national referees and coaches.  

Altogether, 56 referees and over 20 coaches attended at the seminar which was held in the format of a lively discussion whilst exchanging different ideas. The seminar then continued in a bit more practical set up leaving all participants with rewarding end. 

"We had a well prepared audience, which allowed us to have a smooth progress and pleasant work", said Mr. Franky De Moor.

Vice President of the Ukranian Judo Federation, Mr. Alexander Nagibin said:

"The idea was to improve the level of our referees but also to conduct the examination by some highly recognized experts from outside. This gave us the chance to get a honestly evaluation of our referees."