Miskolc, Hungary 03. to 03. October 2009

European Championship Teams
Miskolc, Hungary

I am sure you are aware that in the technical data of the Team Open European Championships which are scheduled for 3rd of October we have listed that the team will be composed of 7. In the meanwhile, the IJF is in communication with the IOC to try and include this popular system of competition as an Olympic event. The IJF have supplied statistical information about our Team Event, and had suggested that the ideal number for such an event would be 5 and not 7. In support of this campaign, the EJU has decided to conform to this formula. Therefore, the Open European Team Championships will be held with 5 members and not 7, as previously circulated. The system of competition has been updated as well to conform to that of the IJF, that is Quarter Final Repechage. Please find enclosed the new formula and technical data.