Valencia, Spain 12. to 12. September 2009

European Club Cup Men - 2nd round
Valencia, Spain

Preliminaries - 2nd Round (16 teams from the 1st round) on 12 Sept. 2009 - Will be held in 4 places (2 regions together) as follow: o West and South West o Middle West and North o East and Middle East o South East and South - Organisers will be drawn at the EJU Tournament for seniors in Sindelfingen GER, on 25 July 2009 - 1 tatami (4 teams) - 4 referees, one of them will be also observer (paid by the organiser). Organisers have to cover the transport (flight tickets economy class or train tickets if necessary), accommodation (2 nights: 1 night before the competition and one after the competition), 3 meals each day, and 150 euro for each referee, for one competition as dally allowance. - Teams of 5 (-66kg, -73 kg, -81 kg, -90 kg and +90 kg) - Pool system - One match between 2 teams consists 2 rounds of 5 contests (the break between the 2 rounds will be 15 minutes) - First 2 teams are going into final part 3rd round