IJF Refereeing Examination 2018 Madrid
Past weekend, not only athletes but referees were also at test as the 2018 Madrid edition of the IJF Refereeing Exam took place. The total number of 13 candidates were on trial, which of 11 represented the European Judo Union. Theoretically, from now, all successfull candidates allowed to referee at IJF tournaments, however, they will need to be selected by the IJF Refereeing Commission. Head Refereeing Director, Mr. Alexandr Jatskevitch spoke about the weekend in more details; 

"Just like how every Judo player dreams to win an Olympic medal, Referees also dream to referee at such an event. Passing this examination they will now have more motivation for self-development and to strive to became top Referees. In regards to the exam in Madrid, the level of refereeing was average. The second day was better than the first one. There was only one mistake on the first day which couldn't be corrected on time. I understand that this can not happen. Nevertheless, admitting mistakes is part of the development progress for our referees to be better in the future." 




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