World Ranking #1: -100kg

Judo community legend, Varlam LIPARTELIANI (GEO) continues to lead in the -100kg category with a colossal 2500 point lead in the WRL. The #2, Michael KORREL (NED) and #3, Peter PALTCHIK (ISR) have only a mere five point difference so the competition continues away from the number one spot. 

Though the experienced athlete continues to be a solid marker on the IJf tour, LIPARTELIANI suffered another gold medal contest loss in the World Championships this year. However, the hard work, determination and constant presence of the Georgian judoka on the tour is apparent with such a dominant lead in this weight category. He finished the year on a high, retaining his Masters title in Guangzhou, following a great amount of training in Japan, demonstrating his abilities and his desire to win. 2019 is a new year and will come with a new focus of the 2019 World Championships in Tokyo ahead of the Olympics to be held in Japan the following year.