The EJU has two new expert members who will reinforce the team and bring their knowledge to the Experts commission of the EJU: the two Japanese Hosokawa, Shinji and Tsunoda, Go. Tsunoda has the 5th dan. He lives in Europe for 20 years. For 14 years he is a coach in Spain, now also in Portugal. “We all benefit from the different experiences from every EJU expert. It is so important to exchange ideas. So I can learn new things from them, improve myself as a coach but also give my experience to the others”, Tsunoda said. Important for him is to connect judo lessons with the success on the tatami: “I have a clear idea how to teach judo and how to transfer it to a competition.” The second new member is Hosokawa, Shinji. The Japanese graded with the 8th dan won Olympic gold 1984 in Los Angeles, one year later he won the world championships in Seoul. Hosokawa, Shinji did his bachelor of PE at the Tenri University.