22 August 2015


The 67th Ordinary Congress of the European Judo Union concluded with 37 countries being represented in Astana. The Congress was the occasion for the EJU to inform the members of the current developments. EJU General Secretary Envic Galea led the delegates through the points and introduced the Bureau members responsible for sectors who presented their reports on Sports, Refereeing, Marketing and Education, Treasury and Administrative matters.


The Big Five

EJU President Sergey Soloveychik focused his attention on main EJU projects: "Our EJU claim is "Judo is more than sport". Of course the European Judo Championships are at the centre of our activities. But we have also to develop judo for children, for veterans and to improve judo family relationships. And this is the idea of the BIG FIVE. This project touches all areas of our activities of the EJU. I hope that the presidents of the 51 federations will give their attention to these projects. I belive that these five projects will bring judo to a new level in Europe. This is good for the EJU and of course also for the federations."

  1. Your First Judo Belt - judo elements as part of school curriculum
  2. Improve Your Club - education seminars for club coaches
  3. OTC "Going for Gold"
  4. Club Championships ('Golden League' and European Club Championships)
  5. Judo Festival in Porec (Croatia)


Album “European Judo: 50 Olympic Years”

The Album commemorates the 50th anniversary of Judo’s debut at the Olympic Games in Tokyo in 1964. It is dedicated to the athletes, coaches, referees, managers and presidents of the European judo federations – to everyone who has faithfully maintained the traditions of judo and brought honour to their countries on the Olympic tatami. It will be presented to all EJU national federations and to every European Olympic medallist or their families.


New member of the EJU

The Kosovo Judo Federation is now a full member of the European Judo Union. The EJU has 51 member states now. President of the Kosovo Judo Federation, Mr. Agron Kuka said: "The EJU has supported us since 2008 with mats and judogi. I would like to express my thanks to Mr. Sergey Soloveychik for his support. I am looking forward to hearing the national anthem and seeing our flag at the European Championships and other competitions."


New Education Director

The EJU also announced the resignation of Mrs. Bénédicte Rouby from the position of Education Director. On behalf of the EJU Family EJU Vice President Franco Capelletti expressed his gratitude to Mrs. Rouby for her contribution and service. Mr. Laurent Commanay was selected as a new Education Director. He said: "This election is a great honour for me. Of course I have to prove myself. It will be hard to come to this level but I try my best and I will give my full experience to the EJU. I have learned a great deal working with the EJU for the past year and I am still learning. I hope this is the begining of a succesfull cooperation."


Newly elected presidents

EJU President Sergey Soloveychik opened the Congress welcoming the delegates and special guests followed by presenting six newly elected presidents of member states.

  • Aavo POHJALA (EST)
  • Andrei GOLBAN (MDA)
  • Eric BESSI (MON)
  • Dragomir BECANOVIC (MNE)
  • Slawomir KOWNACKI (POL)
  • Darko MUSIC (SLO)

Changes in the Statues

In order to comply with the IJF Statutes, several amendments to the EJU Statutes were introduced. Since the next elections, the Congress would elect the President, General Secretary and General Treasurer. The candidate for Presidency would suggest his team of Executive members, specifying their roles and responsibilities, for the approval of the Congress.

Mr. Soloveychik concluded: "I am very satisfied with the Congress. Everything was organised perfectly. I very much appreciate that our presidents have understood that the changes of the Statues are not the cause for any political conflict - these changes are neccessary simply to make our work more efficient. The voting was a clear sign that the presidents trust us and support our policy. This was for me the main success of this Congress."

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