24 May 2014


Successful participation entries at the 2014 European Kata Championships that takes place in Lignano, Italy. This weekend the city of Lignano hosts the European Kata Championships 2014, with a high level of participants with a total number of 92 pairs from 16 countries. The Italian team will be strongly represented in with a number of 20 pairs, followed by Spain with 14 pairs and France with 12. This event will also feature a competition of Judo Show (2 teams). On the first day of the event, will see 5 different katas in two age groups. At the second and final day, Sunday, will take place the open tournament and a competition of judo-show. Watch all photos in our media gallery: http://www.eju.net/media/?mode=showEvent&id=1785 Follow all the results here: http://renai.redirectme.net/www/Judo/EC2014/WebResults.htm
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