23 March 2020


While many of us are facing extreme measures to combat the coronavirus and are confined to our homes, this is the perfect time to continue our education. 

The IJF App is available for download on both Android at the Google Play store and Apple devices in store Apple store. 

In conjunction with this Improve Your Club project, the experts have developed a unique set of videos which serve as support for the IYC seminars. A full range of techniques with progression from ukemi to ne waza have been put online for coaches to consult. Those who have already participated in one of the IYC seminars also have access to all the seminars that have taken place. 

As well as these educational pedagogy videos, there are thousands of contests to watch back from both the IJF and EJU circuit. Your smartphone will become a must have tool for watching your favourite contests with slow-motion playback, frame by frame, drawings and much more.

Step back in to the world of judo from your livingroom and use this time to continue in your quest to further your education and abilities.
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