08 September 2020


Last week, the Hellenic Judo Federation delivered some good news amidst an otherwise disappointing year, confirmed dates for the Veteran European Championships in 2021. 

This is wonderful news for the Veteran judo community, with plenty of preparation time given, the new confirmed dates will be April 2nd-5th in Athens, Greece.   

With the return of competitive judo between Team Austria and Team Germany, it seems that there has been a domino effect of good news coming from national federations as well as the EJU and IJF. Confirmation of the Veteran European Championships is the latest in line. 

Last year’s Veteran European Championships in Las Palmas, Spain was a tremendous success with the numerous age and weight categories, as well as the exciting Team event. Without a doubt, the Veteran community will be looking forward to returning to the tatami and in such a beautiful location, it will be the perfect place to reconnect with the community. 

Author: Thea Cowen
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