23 May 2020


Are you missing the competitive nature of judo? Do you want to compete again? Well here’s your chance. The International Judo Federation has launched its new platform; IJF Fit. 

The IJF is offering all judoka an elite challenge, to test yourself against the abilities of athletes from around the world, not only the elite, but friends and family as well. The importance has been placed on participation of all ages, this is an opportunity to become engaged with the judo community and enter a special kind of competition. 

The IJF President, Mr. Marius Vizer, is excited about this new endeavour, 

We have developed Judo Fit to motivate physical and mental health during this difficult time. This initiative aims at allowing social interaction of the Judo Family and Sporting Community while practicing social distancing and promoting a healthy lifestyle. We challenge all sporting community to take part in these fun challenges.

Have you ever dreamt of topping those ranking athlete lists? This could be your opportunity. With the option to compete in up to 5 different challenges including push ups; judogi hangs and burpees, you can earn trophies, whether it is against your family or the IJF World Tour athletes themselves, so why not get involved and start nominating your rivals? 

These endurance tests are open to absolutely everyone, the aim is to continue to build healthy bodies, healthy minds and a healthy community. So head on over to fit.ijf.org and get involved now!

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