The International Judo Federation has launched a free mobile app with over 47,600 contest videos to showcase the thriving martial art, educational tool and global sport and its champions like never before. You will be able to retrieve latest competitions and navigate through enriched videos allowing you to find key moments of the fight fast and in an intuitive way without the need to go through an entire contest or event. You will also easily find your favourite athletes and Olympic and world champion in a heartbeat!

IJF videos (over 47,000)

The IJF World Judo Tour’s premier events are all featured along with Commonwealth Games, Continental Open’s, IBSA tournaments and much more

EJU videos (over 28,000)

Videos of European judo Championships and European Judo open can be found.

Pedagogy videos (140)

In conjunction with this IYC project the experts have developped a unique set of videos which serve as support for the IYC seminars. A full range of techniques with progression from ukemi to ne waza have been put on line for coaches to consult. Those who have already participated in one of the IYC seminars also have access to all the seminars that have taken place. 

Your smartphone will become a must have tool for watching your favourite contests with slow-motion playback, frame by frame, drawings and much more.
The JudoVideo mobile application for standalone use is available in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store

This is a definite “MUST HAVE” application for athletes, coaches, referees and judo fans. Simply install and enter the world of judo!