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New rules extended for European U23 Championships in Antalya

2009/10/26 | 06:13 pm in EJU After the World Junior Championships of last weekend, the EJU Sports and Refereeing Sectors have decided to extend the new rules for the European U23 Championships to be held in Antalya (TUR) in...
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Loic Pietri (FRA) lights up Coubertin stadium

2009/10/25 | 10:44 am in EJU, IJF Loic Pietri set up the Stade Coubertin in Paris at the Junior U20 World Championships. His win over Magomed Magomedov (RUS) turned the hall into a fantastic venue for judo. Pietri captured the home...
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European Cup:TSV Abensberg - JC Ettlingen 8:2 (72:10)

2009/10/17 | 08:08 pm in EJU TSV Abensberg - JC Ettlingen 8:2 (72:10)
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Koceali Büyüksehir (TUR) defeats Izmir Büyüksehir in ECC 3rd round

2009/10/14 | 07:18 pm in EJU Koceali Büyüksehir (TUR) has qualified for the next round in the European Club Cup. In Koceali the home team defeated Izmir Büyüksehir in two match rounds by 4-1 and 2-3. You can find both...
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Huge age difference in Baku not a record

2009/10/12 | 01:36 pm in EJU Last weekend’s match between Vugar Shirinli (AZE) and triple Olympic Champion Tadahiro Nomura was a class between ages. In terms of giant slaying it does not get much bigger than a junior,...
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Experienced judoka offer Azerbaijan the lead in Baku

2009/10/11 | 04:50 pm in EJU Azerbaijan, Georgia and Russia divided all gold medals this weekend in Baku. The home country was awarded with three gold medals and won the medal count. On Sunday another two gold medals where...
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French women outclass Russians in the medal tally

2009/10/11 | 04:17 pm in EJU France have again gained two gold medals at the women’s World Cup in Minsk. Yesterday the French team also won two gold medals. In the U63kg category Anne Laure Poli again took a medal. This year...
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French women take the lead at World Cup in Minsk

2009/10/10 | 04:36 pm in EJU France is leading the medal tally in Minsk at the EJU World Cup. The French were dominant in the U57kg category where Barbara Harel and Caroline Lantoine reached the final. 32-year old Harel won by...
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Youngsters take the lead at World Cup in Baku

2009/10/10 | 02:43 pm in EJU Robert Mshvidobadze (RUS) may have taken the gold medal in the -60kg World Cup in Baku. But it will be silver medalist, Vugar Shirinli (AZE), who leaves with the most amazing of memories. The...
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Junior Shirinli beats triple Olympic Champion Nomura

2009/10/10 | 01:47 pm in EJU Whatever else happens today, 17-year old Vugar Shirinli will remember the moment he threw Tadahiro Nomura (JPN) for ippon. In terms of giant slaying it does not get much bigger than a junior,...
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