17 April 2024


Olympic Games Judo 2024


The number ‘100’ may seem like a lot, but in the anticipation of the Olympic Games, 100 days means that it is practically on our doorstep. There have been a number of countdowns, celebrating various aspects, whether it be Olympic or judo history, previous champions or interviews with potential future medallists, but how does our host nation place in the Olympic history? 

It is no secret that France is one of the strongest judo nations, having numerous champions and figureheads, past and present, who hold records and have discovered stardom in their success, and the numbers speak for themselves. 

Since the establishment of judo as an Olympic sport in 1964, France Judo have collected an incredible 53 individual medals and a historic medal in the Mixed Team event. 

An impressive 15 Olympic titles have been earned by the French athletes since 1964, with greta desire to increase that tally, which of course isn’t out of the question given the line up of the Olympic team with a host of Olympic champions and medallists among them. 

The 13 champions include; Thierry REY (1980/-60kg), Marc ALEXANDRE (1988/-71kg), Djamal BOURAS (1996/-78kg), Angelo PARISI (1980/+95kg), David DOUILLET (1996,2000/+95kg, +100kg), Teddy RINER (2012,2016/+100kg), Cecile NOWAK (1992/-48kg), Marie-Claire RESTOUX (1996/-52kg), Catherine FLEURY (1992/-61kg), Severine VANDENHENDE (2000/-63kg), Clarisse AGBEGNENOU (2020/-63kg), Lucie DECOSSE (2012/-70kg) and Emile ANDEOL (2016/+78kg). 

Their Mixed Team medal was historic as the first, but even more so as it was the ultimate gold, defeating the host nation of Japan in a stunning finale in the Olympic Games for judo. In Tokyo, in addition to the Mixed Team gold, Clarisse AGBEGNENOU claimed gold whilst Amandine BUCHARD (-52kg), Sarah-Leonie CYSIQUE (-57kg) and Madeleine MALONGA (-78kg) won silver and Luka MKHEIDZE (-60kg), Teddy RINER (+100kg) and Romane DICKO (+78kg) finished their respective days with bronze medals.  

All of the Tokyo 2020 individual medallists are competing again in Paris 2024, and in addition to those already with Olympic accolades we will see the following performing in front of the home crowd; Shirine BOUKLI (-48kg), Marie Eve GAHIE (-70kg), Walide KHYAR (-66kg), Joan-Benjamin GABA (-73kg), Alpha DJALO (-81kg), Maxime-Gael NGAYAP HAMBOU (-90kg) and Aurelien DIESSE (-100kg). 

Let the countdown continue!


Author: Thea Cowen