25 April 2024


Public funds provided for Judo Grand Prix


Nikolina BRNJAC, Croatian Minister of Tourism and Sports, will be funding this year a total of 15 million euros for 25 major international sports competition and 84 infrastructure projects. “Since the beginning of its mandate, this government has paid special attention to sports, and this has been seen in concrete support, from the increase in investment, which has quadrupled in eight years, to the strategic and legislative framework and a number of new activities that we have initiated”, emphasized the Minister.

“Through this systematic investment, we want to provide optimal conditions for practicing sports both for our top athletes and the citizens in all parts of Croatia and in all different sports. Moreover we are funding numerous infrastructure projects, from football and tennis fields to athletics tracks and outdoor training grounds, as well as sports halls, including those in schools.” This year two athletic tracks, nine soccer fields/large natural grass, 22 soccer fields with artificial grass (5 large and 17 small), seven tennis coaches, ten sports halls, 16 outdoor sports fields and 14 outdoor sports fields will be co-financed.

“As far as major international sports competitions are concerned, we have supported a total of 147 major competitions worth 42.6 million € in the last eight years. In 2023 we allocated record funds in the total value of 13.5 million euros”, Brnjac explained.

Among the international sports events co-financed in 2024 is the IJF Judo Grand Prix Zagreb in upcoming September.

Author: EJU Media