19 April 2024

300 KM OF CABLE, 17,000 MEALS

European Judo Championships Seniors Zagreb 2024

300 KM OF CABLE, 17,000 MEALS

The countdown to the EUROPEAN JUDO CHAMPIONSHIPS SENIORS in ZAGREB (CRO) is entering the hot phase. The field of 437 judoka from 47 nations exceeds all expectations – featuring 5 Olympic champions, 7 world number ones, 17 world champions, 25 European champions and 51 athletes from the top 10 of the world rankings. More than 20 TV stations will be reporting live. 10 cameras will be in action. The first nations are supposed to arrive at the beginning of the week, the draw will take place on Wednesday and the first of a total of four competition days will be held on Thursday.

The most important facts and figures about the European Judo Championships Seniors premiere in Croatia:

Author: EJU Media