26 August 2017



The 69th Ordinary Congress of the European Judo Union was held today with 47 countries being represented in Budapest. The Congress was the occasion for the EJU to inform the members of the current developments. EJU General Secretary Ezio Gamba led the delegates through the points and introduced the Bureau members responsible for sectors who presented their reports on Sports, Refereeing, Marketing and Education, Treasury and Administrative matters.

In the beginning of the congress the President of European Judo Union, Sergey Soloveychik said:

“I am delighted to continue to serve as European Judo Union President. The hard work undertaken by all the member federations, Executive Committee members, commission members, EJU staff and the support of our sponsors and partners has helped to make Europe the strongest continent. I am proud of the professionalism showed by all of our European Judo Family and I look forward to success at these championships and success in the future.”

Marius Vizer – Carlos Ferreira

“Judo is a sport today ranked in the top of the world sport ranking and I hope with the new partnership with CNN all nations and federations will have a new chance and a new occasion to have more credibility, more trust in the face of politicians, governments and sponsors in your countries. I think it is a major step forward to have our sport accepted. Judo will be one of the top sports covered by CNN together with Formular 1, Golf, Tennis and Baseball.”

Sergey Soloveychik presented the EJU Special Award to Marius Vizer dedicated to the 65th anniversary of IJF. Honorary member George Kerr (10th Dan in judo) received the Gold order of merit, commemorating his 80th anniversary. 

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Gold order of merits to George Kerr, 10th Dan in judo, commemorating his 80th anniversary – Carlos Ferreira

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EJU Special Award to Marius Vizer, IJF president, dedicated to the 65th anniversary of IJF – Carlos Ferreira

New Challenges

EJU President Sergey Soloveychik focused his attention on the new challanges for the coming years.

Sport aims


Marketing & Media

More details about this challenges were later given by the Vice Presidents.

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Vice President Hans Paul Kutschera responsible for Marketing & Media – Carlos Ferreira

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General Secretary Ezio Gamba and IJF President Marius Vizer – Carlos Ferreira

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Vice President Jane Bridge responsible for Education – Carlos Ferreira

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General Treasurer Toth László – Carlos Ferreira

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Vice President Michal Vachun responsible for Sport – Carlos Ferreira

Anniversary of European Judo Union

President Sergey Soloveychik reminded the delegates of the important anniversary next year. The statutes of the European Judo Union were created 1948 so the EJU will celebrate its 70th anniversary next year. This event together with the EJU Ordinary Congress will be held in Kaunas, Lithuania.

Newly elected presidents
Carlos Ferreira

In the beginning of the congress EJU President Sergey Soloveychik welcoming the delegates and special guests followed by presenting nine newly elected presidents of member states.

  • Jacek ZAWADKA (POL)
  • Roman NASIROV (UKR)
  • Kristiina PEKKOLA (SWE)
  • Felix THIEME (NED)
  • Cozmin Horea GUSA (ROU)
  • Jacques MARTENS (BEL)
  • Vsevolods ZELONIJS (LAT)