13 May 2023


Doha World Championships Seniors 2023


Vice world champion Shirine BOUKLI (FRA) in a new role: After the jubilation day of the Grande Nation in Doha, 11th world championship title for Teddy RINER (+100), vice world championship title for Julia TOLOFUA (+78), the 24-year-old Frenchwoman grabbed the EJU microphone and tried her hand as a TV journalist.
Teddy, I made an extra 11th star for your 11th World Championship title, but you had already prepared a new judogi. Let me give you this 11th star symbolically anyway. How does this title feel for you?
Teddy Riner: “Of course it feels good to win. After such a hard day, ending on the podium with the gold medal. I won my 11th title. It has been a perfect day for me, the reward for hard work and a perfect ending also for my family and my staff. It’s a perfect day for all of us.”
What can we expect from you next?
Riner: “The Olympic Games are my big goal as you know. First I will rest, then it will be hard work. Paris 2024, on our own doorstep, is coming sooner than you think. That means I can’t waste any time if I want to get my next title, the (fourth) Olympic victory.”
How will you celebrate your 11th World Championship gold medal?
Riner: “At first not at all. I’m about to go on holiday – with my family, my staff. That means I will sleep and rest first. I am extremely tired. Only then, in the next few days, will we celebrate together. This is how I like it the best.”
Julia, how can you live with World Championship silver?
Julia Tolufua: “Honestly speaking, it is not the colour I wanted. But I still had a really good day and I am happy about silver, will celebrate with my family. Silver reminds me that I want more. Next time I will go again for gold. That’s what I’ll be working for from now on.”
At the end of the short interviews, champ Teddy Riner says to Shirine Boukli: “Now you already know what you’re going to do after your career. You’re good, I’ll let you interview me again anytime.”


Author: EJU Media