Referee Online Test

Referee Online Test

The EJU Refereeing Commission would like to introduce the Referee Online Test. This test is for referees as well as the rest of the judo community who would like to test their refereeing skills and judo knowledge.


Referee Online Test - version DEC_2022

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To consider a score, on the landing the body of Uke must be at an angle of minimum 90º to the tatami, looking at the line from shoulders to the hips.

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When the elbow is out, score will not be given even if there’s a whole side of the body landing.

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Waza-ari criteria comprises landing on the whole side of the body at 90 degrees or more to the rear, or on one shoulder and the upper back.

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When Uke lands simultaneously on 2 elbows or hands, towards the back, the only consequence is a Waza-ari for Tori.

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When a reverse seoi-nage is applied, no score can be given and Tori must be penalized with Shido.

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Breaking the grips is only allowed if, after that, at least one grip is still kept.

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To insert a finger or fingers inside the opponent’s sleeve is allowed if there’s an immediate attack

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Non-classical grips (belt grip, one side grip, cross grip, pistol grip and pocket grip) are allowed when the attitude of the judokas is positive, when they are looking to perform positive attacks and throws.

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To apply shime-waza using either your own or your opponent’s belt is penalized with Hansoku-Make.

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When a high throw is done with the head (of Tori) going directly to the tatami, Hansoku-Make must be given.

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1 Score or No Score

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2 Score or No Score


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3 Score or No Score

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4 Score or No Score

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5 Score or No Score

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6 Valid or Shido

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7 Valid or Shido

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8 Valid or Shido


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9 Valid Action (Score) or Hansoku-Make (Diving)


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10 Valid Action (Score) or Hansoku-Make (Diving)

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