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Development and internationalization of proactive programs to teach how to fall: Adapted Utilitarian Judo and Safe Fall-Safe Schools©.

University of Seville, European Judo Union, Sheffield University, Università degli Studi di Milano, University of Pécs (Hungary), Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Southern Denmark
Del Castillo-Andrés, O.,, Toronjo-Hornillo, L, Toronjo-Urquiza, M, Toronjo-Urquiza, L, Campos-Mesa, M. C., Invernizzi, P. L., Genovesi, E., Morvay-Sey, K., Kerner, A., Carlsen, H. F. V., Buch, M., Carlsen, H-H. F., Larsen, M. N.
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Children, Adults
Pedagogy, Analysis
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Abstract: The consequences of falls have made them a public health problem worldwide. The WHO proposes to focus research and public health initiatives on the study of the risk factors associated with falls and on the creation of effective preventive strategies. The University of Seville (US), the European Judo Union (EJU) and the Andalusian Federation of Judo and Associated Sports (FANJYDA), following their belief of Judo for society, assume this challenge. Two proactive programs that have an impact on the education of a subject in the event of a fall are presented: Adapted Utilitarian Judo (for the older adult population) and Safe Fall - Safe Schools© (focused on children in school age).