14 May 2024


European Judo Championships Kata


The European Judo Championships Kata 2024 will be held in Sarajevo from 10-11 June. As a new edition to the program, Adapted Judo will also be part of the event allowing inclusion to grow and maximise.

Participants must be 16-year-old (born in 2008 or earlier). They must have at least 2. Kyu. Pairs can consist of 2 males, 2 females or a male and a female. The competition groups will be the following:

1. Category 1A: Tori is A-Judoka*, Uke is A-Judoka
2. Category 1B: Tori is A-Judoka, Uke is mainstream judoka*

* A-judoka means a judoka with a disability who must adapt the judo techniques.

** The mainstream judoka is a judoka without disabilities.

Two kata will be recognised for this segment of the championship:

1. Nage-no-Kata (first three groups)
2. Adapted Nage-no-Kata (first three groups)

The “EJU Adapted Judo Kata Rules” will be used for scoring the Kata (scoring is identical to the mainstream Kata). Participants can only compete in one of the two events. The couples will deliver their kata on the mat once, meaning all attendees move directly to the finals.

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Registration via Judobase is not required, registration through the National Federation is sufficient to participate at this event. Judogi rules are applied according to EJU Adapted Judo rules.


Attention: The program is provisional. The schedule of kata demonstrations may be modified according to the total number of entries.

Author: Szandra Szogedi