20 January 2024


IJF Refereeing & Coaching Seminar 2024 in cooperation with EJU


Rule changes are part and parcel of sport, and many have come about in recent years in judo. From the removal of ‘koka’ and ‘yuko’ scoring, hantai decisions with flags, to being penalised for grabbing the leg, changes in competitive judo have come thick and fast. 

There a number of reasons and arguments for these, be it safety or simplification as we try to grow our membership and extend our reach, the ultimate goal is to promote the sport in the best way possible. Of course we do this through the values but the main attraction is the activity on the tatami. 

Judo is a complex sport and now during the IJF Refereeing and Coaching Seminar in collaboration with the EJU, many referees come together to discuss disputed scores, actions and more. The purpose of this seminar is to clarify decisions and constantly educate and develop knowledge. 

Speaking with the IJF Head Referee Director, Daniel LASCAU, he explained,

Taking in to consideration the tradition and culture of judo, and also taking in to consideration today’s work in terms of technology, everything should be fast. We have to keep our complex sport but also simplify it so that parents and the children can understand what we are doing here. 

We must protect the authenticity of the sport, our tradition and our heritage, but at the same time we have to adapt to todays life and todays work and this is the big job. Much has changed and there are always potential adjustments in the future in order to adapt as Lascau highlighted, so these seminars are critical for both referees, coaches and leaders in order to prepare athletes in the best way possible.

Author: Thea Cowen