18 September 2020



Within the EJU, further discussion has been had in regards to risk assessment of competition. 

Regarding the 14-day rule, whereby the maximum number of infections per 100,000 inhabitants (30 for country and 20 for region) needed to remain below this specific level has been rediscussed. 

A further risk analysis will be made for all respective places as opposed to the criteria alone, with the health and safety of all persons a priority.

The risk assessment will be done in advance, in conjunction with the LOC, ensuring that facilities and local specifics allow holding the event safely. The two main requirements for holding an event are:

–    Local Health Authorities grant permission to hold the event

–    The EJU Regulations for the Restart of the Events have to be followed in any case; stricter rules can be imposed by Health Authorities.

EJU Medical Commissioner: Dr Peter Smolders

Speaking to EJU Medical Commissioner, Dr Peter Smolders, he explained the reason for the changes. 

In our efforts to restart judo events during this Covid-pandemic in a safe way, we decided at first to use the infection rate in each country and in each region, as it is published daily by the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control, as the deciding factor in our decision whether an event could be organised. We are convinced that this was a good starting point, but with our growing experience and advancing insight in the situation, we realised that a much broader overview was needed.

A risk management system was created, which combines infection rate with a lot more factors, which enables the EJU Covid Task Force to make a sensible decision on the safety during an event and on the compliance with all rules and regulations during the judo-restart.

Although our greatest wish is to be able to restart all judo-events but our first concern will always be that it can be done in all safety for the entire judo-family.

Locations are constantly observed in case of any concern, in which case, events can be cancelled if they are viewed as unsafe. 

The updated EJU Regulations for the Restart of the Events, including now the procedure mentioned above, have been uploaded to EJU website.

Author: Thea Cowen