2 June 2024


Velika Gorica Get Together Tournament 2024


The Croatian Judo Federation is a known organisation powerhouse in European Judo, with cups, major championships, a spot on the IJF World Tour, and host of the annual Judo Festival. After this weekend, they can add another string to their bow. President of the Croatian Judo Federation, Dr Sanda CORAK welcomed this in attendance in the City Sports Hall Velika Gorica.

Dear athletes, sport officials, coaches and distinguished guests, Mr Mayor, on behalf of the Croatian Judo Federation it is really my great pleasure to wish you welcome to Velika Gorica, welcome to our first edition of the Get Together and to those practicing adapted judo this is an opportunity to thank all those involved in the organisation.

President of the Croatian Judo Federation, Dr Sanda CORAK. © Tino Maric

First of all, we have Fuji team and their enthusiasm, Marina DRASKOVIC who is now representing us in the European Judo Union and progressing adapted judo, who has made it possible for us to be able to host this event today and after, in more countries in Europe. Thank you to all those helping support this competition and the Mayor of the City of Velika Gorica, Mr Krešimir Ačkar. I wish all the athletes the best of luck in the tatami and enjoy your stay here, and make new friends! We hope to see you next year!

Following the welcome words of President Corak, Mayor Ačkar addressed the attendees before accepting an award on behalf of the city, for the great sponsorship of this Get Together event from Marina Draskovic.

Goričani Humanitarka are a football fan club who assist with raising funds for Fuji and adapted judo and were recognised for their strong support in the city. Similarly, the Rotary Klub Velika Gorica were awarded for their help and strong support in the development of the club. Lastly, the announcer Sandra BURIĆ welcomed Futsal Dinamo to the awarding stage, thanking them for their friendship, support and selfless help.

It was then that Burić was surprised to find out she was receiving an award of her own. Following service to the Croatian Judo Federation for many years, she has also been a silent help in adapted judo. It was an emotional recognition, one all were happy to celebrate.

Corak was proud of the commitment from the clubs in Croatia who have worked hard to develop adapted judo and now are pioneering the Get Together events,

Of course we always like to be the first ones! But my gratitude really goes out, not only to one club, but two clubs, Fuji and Pinky, because they started to work with disabled people. Marina started ten years ago with the club Fuji, developed this and really, during covid times we had more time, so we sat with the EJU trying to set the rules because without them we could not organise a competition and Marina really helped the commission to do this. Now they are set and we are here, the first competition here, such a historical moment for Croatian Judo and the EJU.

Closing the opening ceremony were the members of Anina Glazbaonica, who sang the national anthem of Croatia.

Author: Thea Cowen