5 May 2024


Goygol Cadet European Cup 2024


Azerbaijan won the overall medal tally at the Goygol Cadet European Cup 2024. The team continued with another set of solid performances on the second and final day of the event ending their weekend with a total of 4 gold, 1 silver and 9 bronze medals. France was the closest to the home dominance and had taken an overall 2-4-4 tally whilst Türkiye summed up a 1-3-0 to finish third place on the final standing.

Additional golden home memories were delivered by Mehdi Abbasov (-81kg) who won the final against Ilia Simonov (AIN). Subhan Akhundov then completed the celebration when winning the gold medal contest against Rustem Kadzaev (AIN) in the +90kg category. As per the women categories, the French team showed their already world wide acknowledged standard in judo, clinching onto two gold medals by Manon Agate-Alouache (-57kg) and Leonie Minkada-Caquineau (+70kg). France had an almost third gold in the -70kg category where Nina Muteba, at the end, had to bow off with a silver success allowing Zlata Suprunenko (AIN) to take the gold.

Goygol hosted this event for the second time and certainly gained increasing fame in European judo. As per tradition a three-day training camp will follow the event. The next cadet European cup will take place in Bielsko-Biala from 18-19 May.

Author: Szandra Szogedi