14 April 2024


Berlin Junior European Cup 2024

The Azeri and French team had their own competition in Berlin with the goal of who can collect more medals. The two teams, collectively, took half the gold medals, sharing it evenly between with a four-four win. However, even with France taking eight bronzes versus the three for Azerbaijan, the latter narrowly outclassed the Les Bleus on their silver collections.

Azerbaijan winning the overall medal table primarily came about via dominating, as expected, the lower weight divisions. Bahadir FEYZULLAYEV began the avalanche when winning the -50kg category. Nihad RAHIMOV then fancied taking gold in the -60kg category, which was copied by Kanan SADIGOV a weight division above. Jasur IBADLI caused a minor set back on the winning strikes when settling for silver in the -73kg category, after having been defeated by Noah BOUE (FRA). Nevertheless, Ali GAZIMAMMADOV fast continued, and yet ended the golden collection when he claimed the team’s final glory in the -81kg category.

The Azeri team simply came, saw and conquered in Berlin. Imagine the outcome during the Goygol Cadet European Cup 2024, when they will be on home ground?! Well, that is a function for May but before that the youths are due to arrive in the neighbourhood for the Telavi Cadet European Cup 2024 from 27-28 April. Until then, Berlin will host a three-day training camp.

Author: Szandra Szogedi