17 March 2012

Bank of Russia issues Commemorative Coins for Euro2012

Bank of Russia issues Commemorative Coins for Euro2012

Euro-2012 will be produced in gold and silver. Next week, commemorative coins made of precious metals to honor European Judo Championships to be held in Chelyabinsk will be put into circulation.

External & Public Relations Department of the Bank of Russia declared that on March 20, the Bank of Russia will issue 3 ruble silver coin and 50 ruble gold coin to commemorate European Judo Championships.

Round-shaped three-ruble silver coin (weight of pure precious metal is 31.1 g, fineness is 925, catalogue No. 5111-0231) and 50-ruble gold coin (weight of pure precious metal is 7.78 g, fineness is 999, catalogue No. 5216-0083) are 39 and 22.6 millimeters in diameter, respectively.
The obverse of the coins depicts an encircled embossed emblem of the Bank of Russia (double eagle with its wings lowered down) and the lettering «BANK OF RUSSIA» forming a semicircle underneath. The outer ring of the coins features their values (“THREE RUBLES”, “FIFTY RUBLES”) and year of issue. The reverse of the coins depicts two embossed fighting figures with the emblem of European Judo Championships to the right and inscriptions “EUROPEAN JUDO CHAMPIONSHIPS 2012” and “CHELYABINSK”.

The Bank will issue 3 thousand three-ruble coins and 750 fifty-ruble golden coins. The Bank of Russia officially declared that these coins may be used for cash payments in Russia without any restrictions.
The reader is reminded that Chelyabinsk won the right to host the European Judo Championships 2012 in 2009. Thus, this is the first time when Russia gained the right to host such large-scale judo competitions among adult sportsmen. Struggling for Euro-2012, Chelyabinsk defeated Rome, Budapest and Istanbul. The fact that this event will take place before the Summer Olympic Games in London is of high importance. The Championships will be held on the ice arena “Traktor” on April 26-29. One can buy tickets on the official web-site of the Championships http://eurojudo2012.ru/ (“TICKETS” tab), in arena’s ticket office and in mobile communication offices ”Evroset” through Russia.

“I am sure that we are able to conduct the European Championships at the highest level. We actively and extensively prepare for this event that will be a well-deserved award for the region as Chelyabinsk judo school is one of the strongest schools in the world. Our sportsmen often become Champion of the World and Europe and prizewinners of the Olympic games», – emphasized Mikhail Yurevich, Governor of the Chelyabinsk region.