29 November 2012

Bénédicte Rouby: “judo as an education”

Bénédicte Rouby: “judo as an education”

Bénédicte Rouby, Education Director of the EJU thanked the University and the Portuguese Judo Federation for organizing this congress. Immediately she addressed why judo is so good for social inclusion.

“Judo is like an education. Whatever you are coming from, it is accessible and it is universal. The practice is educational because it is based on the Japanese principle The best use of the energy and the mutual help of prosperity.

Even the small people can fight the big people, this is one of the technical principles of judo. But you need the help of your partner to progress. For teacher it is important to help others. Children can even teach their parents. The behavior should not only be inside the club, but also outside the club in the society.”

“The EJU is developing the practice for people with disabilities as well as judo for teenagers and for teachers. It is not only about competition. We promote the new initiatives to each country.  The EJU is very active with education seminars, seminars for teachers and a science project on posters, our poster exhibition where scientists can show different arguments to the federation why judo is educational and good for respect and social inclusion. We have organized a judo family camp where judo can be practiced for free while you are having your holiday.”


“We want to connect with the clubs and to tell how judo can be used for social inclusion. If someone has the black belt, we can use his social knowledge in the society. They have built up a lot of positive behavior and that can be used at the club, in the society and in the companies. Also it will help people to find a job. The social inclusion program within the EJU is not yet finished developing.

The connection between the high level judoka and social inclusion is closer than you think. We can use the role models such as Nuno Delgado and Frederique Jossinet to reach people and the ministries. As a sports federation it takes a lot to explain why your sport can be useful.

The examples during this congress show the universal character of the sport to achieve the goals such as a gold medal, or to help others.”

Watch the photos of the Social Inclusion seminar:

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