12 April 2024


Berlin Cadet European Cup 2024


An incredible number of entries are on display for the Berlin Cadet European Cup 2024 with almost 800 judoka from 37 nations ready to enter the field of play. At this rate, the city of Berlin soon might celebrate a grand breaking four digit entries. That is a future possibility but as per the present, the Sportforum Berlin-Hohenschönhausen is ready for action.

Amongst this significant number of entries the single world rank #1 judoka also happened to be from Germany, precisely Konstantil DISTEL who will take on all challenges in the -81kg category. Two #3s are expected to be in action via Aiora MARTIN CARRICHES (ESP/-40kg) and Marek-Adrian MASAK (EST/+90kg). Further down yet in must-mention positions are eight #4 ranked, starting with French duet, Mathilde AUREL (-40kg) and Nina MUTEBA (-70kg). The list goes on with Italy’s trio: Rachele MORUZZI (-44kg), Martina CAPEZZUTO (-57kg) and Leonardo COPAT (-81kg). Lucia CARPIO FERNANDEZ (ESP/-63kg), Callie BANNISTER (AUS/-52kg) and Shynggys YERZHANULY (KAZ/+90kg) are also part of top #4s on the cadet world ranking list within their respected weight categories.

The tournament will not only be lengthy in hours but will also bring top class actions. With Berlin having been known as one of the strongest junior cup host of all, it is becoming certain that at this rate and with such a variety of judoka, the same ‘stamp’ shall be applied for their cadet cup. As per tradition, a three-day training camp will follow the event. Auf geht’s!


Attention: The schedule may be modified according to total number of entries and circumstances of competition.`* The start time will be confirmed once the final number of athletes is known.

Follow all actions live online via judotv.com. Best of luck to all participants!

Author: Szandra Szogedi