18 May 2012

Big participation at the European Cup U20 in Kiev

Big participation at the European Cup U20 in Kiev

More than 400 judoka’s from 18 countries will participate in the Junior European Cup Top Ranking in Kiev, which will take place in Kiev this weekend 19-20th May.

Kiev will host the teams of Azerbaijan, Austria, Belarus, Brazil, Georgia, Czech, France, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Poland, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, Turkmenia, Sweden, Uzbekistan, and also the best young judoka’s from the Ukraine.

Not only representatives from all over Europe will arrive, but also a team of other continents such as a team of Brazil, Turkmenistan and one of the strongest team of Asia, Uzbekistan. The brazilian junior team will participate in the Kiev cup for the first time, 36 Brazilian judoka will be fighting for awards of the Kiev’s Junior European Cup.

The leader by quantity of sportsmen is without a doubt the Ukraine with 144 participants. The Russian team will bring 100 athletes to Kiev, Azerbaijan 36.

After the tournament be one of the strongest international junior training camps in Europe will be organized. Approx. 700 young judoka and the Olympic Team of Ukraine will take part.

Watch the live results here: