7 October 2020



We must unfortunately announce the cancellation of more future 2020 events.

As the second wave of infection has gradually crept across the continent and various countries are going back to stronger restrictions, it is becoming difficult for athletes to travel and attend a tournament without first adhering to quaratining procedures. 

There have been further amendments to the EJU Regulations for the Restart of Judo Events. Organisers can arrange ‘Antigen’ testing for teams upon arrival, so long as they are performed by a certified institution, ensuring proper testing and guarantee of result. However, this cannot replace a PCR-test required for entering the country of an event, only for entry to the competition. 

The dates of the following event have been changed:
U23 EC Porec – November 09-10, 2020 – Please note: Cadets are not eligible to participate (Age: 18-22, YOB 1998-2002).

Outlines for Junior & U23 European Championships will be published by the end of this week.

The following events had to be cancelled (EJU status has been withdrawn):

• European Judo Open W&M & IJF-A Examination – Malaga (ESP)
• Cadet European Judo Cup – Zagreb (CRO)
• EJU OTC – Malaga (ESP)
• Junior European Judo Cup – Lignano (ITA)
• EJU OTC Porec (CRO)

This decision was not made lightly, but after great consideration from the Covid19 Taskforce, with the health and safety of our judo family and wider community in the forefront of our minds.