24 April 2012

Chelyabinsk Air Gate “dresses up” for the Euro-2012

Chelyabinsk Air Gate “dresses up” for the Euro-2012

Chelyabinsk airport is getting ready to take the guests and participants of the 2012 European Judo Championship – the arrival hall of domestic airlines is being renovated, and airport square is being decorated with welcome banners.

According to the airport director Sergei Andreyev, all this efforts are taken in order to make a favorable impression on the guests of the tournament. “Repairs and modern equipment of the departure hall in the international air service have been completed in March 2012. The modernization increased the area, from 455 to 670 square meters, and extended the number of seats from 150 to 320. Guests of the championship will feel themselves comfortable here,” Sergei Andreyev said.

Moreover, repairing of the front side of the airport is finished. Now the replacement of interior decoration in the rooms of the building is being done. A new technological luggage equipment VanDerLande (The Netherlands) with the ability to handle bags and suitcases in the container form is being installed. This measure will make the time of luggage delivery to the passengers shorter.

During preparation for the Euro 2012, semi-soft chair and a modern air-conditioning in the waiting rooms are installed, business lounge and cafe area are opened and the space for duty-free shops are expended. According to the order of the Chelyabinsk Region governor Mikhail Yurevich, an additional passport control booths and “green” corridor are installed to increase capacity and simplify the passage of control.

By mid-April the airport square will be improved. However, all visitors have already noticed the banners placed on the front sides of the buildings. Soon these structures will appear throughout the city. But not only they will beautify Chelyabinsk. Billboards, banners, and 15-meter flags will be mounted along the guests routes, main highways and hotels. Slogans, logos and pictures of South Urals Cup-winners of previous European championships will be placed there.

“We are planning to use more than 3 000 square meters of banner designs and more than 700 satin fabrics flags. All the bridges will be decorated with paintings. Two eight-meter flag designs we will put in front of the Ice Arena ‘Tractor’. Now we are thinking of how to decorate a train station,” the head of “Advertising technology salon” Tatiana Mochalkina said.

She added that all the banners send one message: Chelyabinsk pleased to host the European Judo Championship. Welcome slogans have been translated into all European languages, so that every participant of the tournament felt himself comfortable. All the works will be completed April 15.

The European Judo Championship will be held in Chelyabinsk on April 26-29, 2012.

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