24 January 2024


EJU Bureau met in Hungary


The EJU top executive – President László TOTH, Senior Vice-President Otto KNEITINGER, Vice-Presidents Sergei ASCHWANDEN, Hrvoje LINDI, Secretary General Martin POIGER and General Treasurer Envic GALEA – met for a two-day Bureau working meeting in Budapest just in time for the start of the 2024 World and European Tour season.

The most important topics/decisions at a glance:

– The EJU Congress 2024 will be staged in Budapest (probably in November – exact date to be decided).

– The EJU Tour continues to grow: The programme now includes 7 new Veterans, 7 European-Hopes-Under-15 and 3 Kata tournaments as well as 6 Adaptive-Judo-Get-Together events. The European Judo Union organises an average of around 10 events per month. And the trend is still rising. Background: The primary aim is to provide even better service to the various interest and age groups and therefore being able to guarantee quality improvements in the medium and long term.

– The EJU Executive Committee will meet for the first time this year as part of the European Championships Seniors at the end of April in Zagreb (CRO/25-28 April).

– Streaming of European Open and European Championships will be enhanced. Final block will be produced with multiple cameras to increase attractiveness for all fans of JudoTV.com and generate new interest from (potential) TV partners.

“The signs are favourable for a successful Olympic year. We are looking forward to the extensive challenges ahead,” emphasised President László Tóth. “The season can begin!”

Author: EJU Media