6 May 2010

Correct judogi obliged without acceptions

Correct judogi obliged without acceptions

During last EJU Directing Committee Meeting, it has been reconfirmed that judoka presenting themselves with a Judogi that does not fulfill the attached EJU conditions, will not be allowed to compete.

All the observers of EJU Events have been advised that there can be no exception at all. Please inform all Coaches, Sportsmen and Clubs from your federation to avoid any discussion or misunderstandings this matter.

A list of Official Suppliers can be found at:

The official back number can be ordered at:

This rule is valid for all EJU events, including Cadet, Juniors, Senior, Veteran and Kata European Cups and European Championships, and all World Cups organized in the federations affiliated to the European Judo Union.

Read more about the correct use of the backnumber here: